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Ready for a nap

The seat and footrest can be adjusted and reclined in 3 positions, making it easier for your baby to rest immediately after the meal.

Wide and comfortable seat

The seat is generously padded for your baby’s comfort both at mealtimes and during naps.

You can adjust the comfort

The height can be adjusted in 4 positions thanks to an easy-to-operate mechanism, thus adapting to all situations.

For the very first baby meals

It is the ideal ally thanks to its large tray, adjustable in 2 positions and completely removable for easy seating.

Great little touches of practicality

Safety belts

The 5-point harness come complete with protective shoulder straps and also adapt to your child's growth.

Adjustable footrest

The footrest is adjustable to 3 positions, for greater comfort during and after meals.

Summer cover

This optional accessory is ideal in the warmer months of the year to keep your baby cool and dry.

Always with you

With My Time your child will always have their ideal comfort, for eating and resting.

On holiday

At the grandparents'

At a friend's house