Quid2 Stroller - Ready for Boarding
Quid2 is the ultra-compact, super light stroller ideal for travelling around the world. By air as well. Quid2 weighs 5.9 kg and is the lightest in its category. Ideal for offering your sweetie all the comfort away from home. InglesinaBaby
Aptica XT System Quattro - Adaptive Cruise
Aptica XT is the System Quattro for off-limits walks.
Thanks to the exclusive Adaptive Cruise System, it dynamically adapts to all terrains and to your child's growth, always guaranteeing maximum well-being and an agile and fluid handling even in the ...
Sistema Quattro Aptica XT - Adaptive Cruise
Aptica XT, il System Quattro di Inglesina per le passeggiate off-road.
Offre il massimo del confort al bambino in qualunque condizione, anche le più estreme grazie all'Adaptive Cruise System con sistema di regolazione delle sospensioni indipendente su ogni ruota.
Scopri ...
The System Quattro suitable for any situation, exceptionally comfortable for the child and very easy to use. InglesinaBaby
Electa is the System Quattro ideal for the city life.
Thanks to the lightness and compactness, it can be taken everywhere, without never neglecting the baby wellness.
Inglesina MyTime highchair - tutorial video
Inglesina MyTime highchair - Inglesina MyTime highchair.
Ideal for the first meal, it favours the rest of the child after eating thanks to the reclyinig backrest. It adapts to most table thanks to the seat which is height-adjustable. Suitable for ...
Inglesina seggiolone My Time - video tutorial
Inglesina seggiolone My Time - Le mie prime pappe in tutta comodità.
Ideale per le prime pappe, favorisce il riposo del bambino grazie allo schienale reclinabile. Si adatta a tutti i tavoli grazie all'altezza regolabile.
Utilizzabile fin dalla nascita.
Inglesina Lounge rocking chair - video tutorial
Inglesina Lounge - The ultra-comfortable musical rocking chair.
It stimulates the child's cognitive development thanks to unique tactile and sound effects and it helps your child to relax and sleep thanks to the gentle rocking.
Inglesina sdraietta Lounge - video tutorial
Inglesina Lounge - La sdraietta musicale ultra confortevole.
Stimola lo sviluppo cognitivo del bambino grazie ad effetti tattili e sonori unici e lo aiuta a rilassarsi e a conciliarne il sonno con un dolce dondolio.
Inglesina Wave swing - video tutorial
Inglesina Wave swing - Your baby's first playground.
The swing helps your child to relax and sleep thanks to the rocking and musical melodies. The toy bar stimulates the child's cognitive development.
Suitable for use from birth.
Inglesina Wave altalena - video tutorial
Inglesina Wave - Il suo primo parco giochi.
L'altalena Wave aiuta il bambino a rilassarsi e conciliarne il sonno grazie al dondolio e alle melodie musicali. La barra giochi stimola lo sviluppo cognitivo con effetti tattili e sonori. Utilizzabile fin ...
Il viaggio
Lungo viaggio, brevi pit-stop. InglesinaBaby
Il seggiolino in auto
Chi ben comincia utilizza il seggiolino. InglesinaBaby
Aptica XT
Aptica XT: easily tackle all terrain and overcome any obstacle with the Adaptive Cruise System. InglesinaBaby
Your baby's first playground.
Wave is your baby's first swing, rocking to help them relax and fall asleep and letting them play when awake.
Stand up
Thanks to the Standup, the carrycot can be positioned comfortably and hygienically inside the house (even while travelling), turning it into an actual bed for the night to be placed next to yours.
If your baby falls asleep, avoid waking ...
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